Green thinking helps to avoid over-consumption

Everyone can think green. Unfortunately, the individual is more of a doer than a thinker who carefully considers each step. What do you do daily? We can save the environment by reducing consumption and recycling.


Overpacking around us

The world around us is constantly changing, and it's encouraging to see that people are becoming more conscious of environmental issues and recycling. To some extent, at least. Even though we have a closed glass jar or cream jar for the cream in the cosmetics industry, we can usually see the packaging around it. Is it just a habit, or is there more to it? You must repack a product when sending it by mail, but you do not need to do so when picking it up from a store shelf.

The same issue can be found in kinds of toothpaste, vitamins, supplements, and a variety of other product categories. Although the packages are sealed, the extra packaging is still being repositioned. The packaging is usually thrown away in the trash as soon as it is opened.

One aspect is the additional marketing space, which is preferable to having less for the manufacturer. For some, the product in cardboard packaging may appear more exclusive on the shelf. Understandably, people prefer to see beauty with their eyes, which is one of the reasons why manufacturers are attempting to create more proud and multi-layered packaging.


Green thinking in MaiWistik's life

The majority of MaiWistik's products are packaged in glass jars, which are environmentally friendly because they can be recycled. We chose dark glass as the packaging because light and heat can harm the oil, so it protects the contents of the jar from outside influences. See for yourself how beautiful our design is without a box.

Of course, your order will arrive by mail and with additional packaging after you purchase from the e-store, but we use a corrugated cardboard box, which is simple to use, e.g. do not heat or reuse to store dried herbs.

Bring the entire, washed glass jar back to us at the trade show after you've finished using the product, and we'll give you a small discount as a thank you for your time and effort. We'll be able to reprocess the returned jar. Less garbage is produced as a result of this.

If the materials can't be reused, they can be recycled, sorted, and delivered to collection points. Our green thinking is gaining traction as we assist in the recycling of waste, resulting in less waste being produced.



roheline mõtteviis


Nature is a conductor who always performs its music. We always danced to his music, not the other way around. It's only natural for a conscious person to keep track of her carbon footprint when she consumes. We must consider the environment when developing our plant-based products. I invite you to observe what you are willing to spend money on and how your consumption affects the world for yourself. Thank you for taking such good care of yourself and Mother Nature! 





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