Your personal face yoga plan

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Face yoga is as important for muscle training as core exercises. Face yoga helps to naturally get rid of wrinkles.


  • Annual package, which includes 4x personalized face yoga plans, meaning we meet 1x every quarter for a whole year.
  • 1x meeting and plan creation.

Face yoga offers a natural alternative to invasive beauty procedures, which can be expensive and have side effects. In addition to being safe and affordable, face yoga is also a fun and creative way to heal your body and mind.

Face yoga exercises can also help alleviate stress, as many tensions accumulate in the facial area.

If you are interested in natural beauty care and want to maintain a youthful and radiant appearance, face yoga may be just what you are looking for. Regular practice can help you achieve the desired results and feel better and more confident.



Have you ever thought about how you could maintain a youthful appearance without the aid of painful and expensive procedures? Face yoga may be just the miracle cure you're looking for! But don't think achieving visible results is easy - to succeed, you need perseverance and consistency. If you're ready to set yourself a challenge, try practicing facial yoga daily for at least 10 minutes and consistently for 3-4 months. Believe me, if you're willing to invest time and effort, facial yoga can achieve amazing results!

Regular practice not only helps reduce fine lines and under-eye bags, but can even reduce wrinkles by up to 80%. In addition, a face yoga program allows you to customize your facial shape according to your desires, whether it's full lips, round cheeks, or radiant skin. And if you're concerned about habits that cause tension or wrinkles, facial yoga may be the right solution for you - gently toning and strengthening muscles with your fingers or certain facial expressions.

So if you want to maintain a youthful and radiant appearance without harmful procedures, it's time to take your first step into the world of facial yoga!


The personal face yoga plan includes:

  • Previous questionnaire;
  • 10 exercises;
  • 1 video call or in-person meeting (60 minutes);
  • First session bonuses:
    • Face Yoga card deck (regular price 29.90 EUR);
    • Clensikfacial oil (regular price 19.90 EUR);


Before you start training your facial muscles with face yoga exercises, it is very important to start with a clean slate. This means that the first step is to remove all makeup and dirt from your face and use a moisturizing oil or facial balm to prepare your skin for the following exercises.

If you want your face to glow for a long time, don't neglect the important part of face yoga - monitoring and updating the exercises. It may seem like a small detail, but these little things can turn your face yoga training from dull and ineffective to super exciting and effective.

The reason why it is important to regularly change exercises is that the body tends to get used to routines and stops responding. But when you add new exercises to your face yoga routine, it keeps your face constantly working.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that your face and body change over time. Therefore, it is important to adjust your face yoga routine according to your needs and changes.