Face yoga helps to get naturally rid of wrinkles

Do you notice any signs of aging when looking in the mirror?
Do you feel hopeless that you will never get rid of sagging skin?
Do you feel like you have already tried all the procedures, but there are no lasting results?


Face yoga helps to get rid of wrinkles. We all experience the same frustration, but you have the opportunity to restore your beauty, confidence and face. Yes, aging is a part of life, but no one likes to see signs of aging. The beauty industry together with social media has manipulated us and tied our values ​​to appearance.


We know you've tried all creams and treatments yet still don't see any lasting change. Although they may seem like a quick fix, it has been scientifically proven that creams and serums can't eliminate our aging process.

Your face should not be affected by marketing, creams or painful procedures. Face yoga is a 100% natural method, how to slow down aging and have radiant skin until old age.
Face yoga and exercises with regular practice have been proven to help against aging, improve the structure and quality of the skin and prevent it from sagging. Your facial muscles are not that different from the rest of the body muscles. There are over 50 different muscles in the face. Muscle inactivity loosens the skin and leads to premature aging. If you do face yoga regularly, you can make your whole face stronger and more youthful.

Remember that no one is too young or old to start and gender is not the deciding factor.


4-week face yoga e-course "10x younger without a surgery"




This 4-week face yoga e-course will give you the skill to:

✔️ create a smooth forehead;
✔️ eliminate drooping eyelids,
✔️ get rid of dark circles;
✔️ smile that you like;
✔️ beautiful neckline;
✔️ leave the double chin behind.

🌻 What is included in the price?
❥ 30 step-by-step videos
❥ One year access to the course
❥ Why is jade roller the most important beauty wizard
❥ Secrets of facial oils
❥ A weekly plan to monitor basic exercises and keep motivation
❥ Access to a Facebook support group

❥ Neck massage video tutorial
❥ Monthly webinars with guest speakers
❥ Monthly health challenges in the Facebook group
❥ Restore your radiance - skin care secrets
❥ Behind the scenes of natural cosmetics
❥ The magical helpers from the plant world
❥ The magic behing face yoga cards


Purchase HERE. Available currently only in Estonian.


Face yoga products

Eesti looduskosmeetika


The set contains 3 very important 100% natural products:
✔️ Clensik facial oil;
✔️ Happik face balm;
✔️ Rollik jade skin care roller.



Face yoga cards


näojooga kaardid

In the pack you will find 32 that explain the different face yoga exercises with a picture and a guide. This is your personal face yoga trainer.

In addition to our e-shop, these cards are also available in every well-stocked Apollo and Rahva Raamat store.

In case you are interested to know more feel free to join us in Facebook private group.


Weekly workouts


face yoga


The trainings take place every Monday from 7.30 pm to 8:25 pm. After the class you will receive a recording that you can use to practice for 7 days. Participate through Tantsugeen.

It is also possible to get a ticket via using the Stebby system.

Before training your face muscles, the face should be cleansed of makeup and a moisturizing ointment or face balm should be applied.
The trainer will send a link to the e-mail to those who have registered no later than 15 minutes before the class, through which you can access the virtual training.


Order a workshop

We are happy to conduct a face yoga workshops according to your own wishes. It is possible to do them to the desired length, either virtually or on site. If desired, you can also have a private lesson. Training is possible both in Estonian and English.

We have cooperated e.g. Eesti Energia, the Estonian Psoriasis Association, Testlio, Tallinn University and other great companies.