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We all have a natural beauty hidden within us that deserves to be brought out and admired. MaiWistik's 5 Natural Beauty Ambassadors have put together a special set just for you or your lovely friend who appreciates real beauty and a well-groomed appearance. Now is the chance to discover your special charm and bring it out even more.

Our skin needs support in every season so that the signs of aging do not appear. How to do it? Deeply moisturizing and regularly getting rid of dead skincells. Add the stimulation of the lymphatic system and the removal of toxins, and you are guaranteed bright and healthy skin. In this set you will find everything you need to give your skin the best possible care.

The set includes:

  • Female Force sugar exfoliator Winner of the Buduaar Beauty 2021 competition!
  • Happik face balm Winner of the Buduaar Beauty 2021 competition!
  • Freshik cream deodorant
  • + Happik lip balm 5ml is included for FREE


Find out more about our Natural Beauty Ambassadors.


Why were these products chosen?

"When describing MaiWistik's products, the word IDEAL first comes to mind, and really from every angle! Ideal, because they are natural (medicinal plants, not 7 different know-how ingredients). Universal, because they are suitable for both men, children and women. They work both in winter and summer, are respectful, caring and loving of nature and handmade. One of mo's favorite things about MaiWistik products is the fact that if one runs out, the other one is most likely and almost always at the same time to replace it. Not a day goes by that I don't have Happik with me, lip balm and Curetik so that they can come to my or a friend's aid if necessary and provide relief and care." - Regina Teino

"I hadn't really used exfoliators before, other than coffee grounds, until I tried Female Force a few years ago. I've always wanted a product that reminded me of a luxury spa on an exotic vacation, but everything on the market smells very synthetic. From the first moment, when I tried Female Force I was sold! This blend of essential oils just smells divine. What's also amazing is how soft and velvety my skin feels after using the scrub. A couple times a week of using this scrub and my skin stays moisturized and smooth everyday. " - Miriam Gubovicova

"For me, using Freshik was probably the most skeptical of all the products, because I haven't been able to trust any natural deodorant so far - the application has either been lumpy and poor, or the effect has essentially disappeared in a couple of hours. Freshik, however, is somehow different. And because it was probably one of the last products I used from the MaiWistik selection, I already knew that it would be my next favorite. In addition, Mai-Liis once spoke to me at length about so-called conventional deodorants and their composition, etc., which is why respect Freshik is even bigger! Simply awesome!" - Liis Kuurme

"I'm a total Fresik fan. I'm so glad that there is finally a clean deodorant on the Estonian market that works wonderfully against the smell of sweat. I've been making my own deodorant for years with home remedies. Now you don't have to worry about doing it yourself :)" - Kaia Valdmaa

"I don't think I can express in words the feeling of how I got to know the Female Force body scrub for the first time! It was summer and warm, I was in the sauna with my family by the lake. I went between the sauna and the lake several times, until the others got tired, I thought I would try to rub myself in with the scrub. After that, an indescribable inner silence and contentment came. I guess that's why Female Force is literally such an activator of feminine energy and power with a special touch. Today, I use it mainly as a facial scrub, because it leaves the skin smelling really good and pleasantly soft. Plus, I know for sure that the power of nature in this little jar is the best for my body! By the way, I've never been so happy with any other body scrub before!" - Liis Kuurme

"I use the Happik almost every day. I put very little on my face. But, the closer it gets to autumn, the more I need to moisturise. Since I massage my face with a facial roller every morning, it's very good to put something under it. It makes working with the roller more pleasant and feels, that it has a more effective effect. It is also always with me when I go to the SPA or the sauna, to moisturize my face afterwards. Happik, of course, is  one of the few products that you can put on your face, because it is made from pure raw materials. It is necessary to remember that we are beautiful and healthy when we do not apply toxic substances to our body or eat them! The only option to look good even in old age in the future is to get only clean products in your cosmetic bag today. You are healthy and beautiful when you support your body with 100% natural substances. When your body has to start cleaning out toxins, it is a burden on your body. Without this additional burden, it is easier for the body to function." - Triin Terasmaa

"I'm so glad that Happik is now also available as a separate lip balm. In addition to my keys and phone, I also have Happik with me every day. Lately, I've discovered that it's super nice to coat my lips with Happik at night and in the morning I'm greeted by a soft and lush mouth. It works also very good as a lip mask." - Kaia Valdmaa

"Freshik is a fairly new thing I've tried and I love it! I stopped using deodorant years ago and all the other natural things I tried just didn't work. So I was a little skeptical at first, but very quickly I started using it every day! Freshik is super easy to use, doesn't stain clothes and even works in the gym." - Miriam Gubovicova

"Lips have been very important to me all my life! I clearly remember when I was a child in cold weather, my lips tended to dry up and become bloody. In addition, I studied wind instruments at a music school during school, so the softness of my lips was extremely important. That's why I've tried different lip balms and lip sticks throughout my life . However, in addition to such a pleasant consistency, the Happik lip balm also contains natural ingredients and keeps the lips soft all the time! I sometimes use it as a gloss on top of the lip pencil and it stays on very well with the color! In short, a total jackpot for me!" - Liis Kuurme