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Get your yoga asanas in place! In this private session, we will review all your questions, alignments and put together a yoga routine that suits you, which you can continue to practice successfully at home.


You can read more about the reasons why yoga is beneficial for everyone.

Step onto your mat and discover the incredible benefits that yoga has to offer. Through a regular practice, you'll develop joint mobility, sculpted muscles, and a sense of inner peace that will transform your life. With its unique blend of physical movement and mental focus, yoga offers the perfect combination to bring you fully into the present moment and savor the blissful experience of moving meditation. So come breathe deeply, stretch your body, and find your center - the world of yoga awaits!


What is the class style?

Join M.A.I Yoga - "I Love Myself Yoga" and discover a unique path to inner peace. This invigorating workout blends vinyasa yoga with mindful breathing, helping you build muscle endurance, flexibility, and balance through continuous movement. Our classes start with dynamic yang energy, elevating your heart rate and invigorating your body, before transitioning to yin energy in the second half, where you'll stretch and soothe your muscles. We always wrap up with a calming meditation, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and centered. Come experience the transformative power of M.A.I Yoga!


Who is Mai?

Step onto the floor with me, and let me show you how your body is able to move. My background is 10 years in ballroom dancing but my passion for movement extends far beyond that. I've traveled the world, completing yoga trainings both at home in Estonia and abroad, exploring the power of breath and mindful movement. As an Estonian naturopath, I combine my love of dance and yoga with a deep understanding of natural healing to guide my students towards optimal health and wellbeing. And as an international yoga teacher (RYT200), I bring a perspective to every class, infusing my teachings with the rich wisdom and traditions of yogic philosophy from across the world. Come join me on this journey of self-discovery and physical mastery - let's move, breathe, and extend together! . 


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