Yoga cards

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Yoga is a powerful tool for healing and strengthening the body, mind, and heart. Through yoga practice, you can achieve strength and flexibility in the body, clarity in the mind, and purity in the heart.

The spine is the central pillar of the body, and its mobility is one of the best ways to measure age. Unfortunately, many of us have everyday postures that reduce our spine's extension and cause tension in the body.

Fortunately, you don't have to be as flexible as a rubber band or do acrobatic tricks to start yoga. It's more important to start with awareness - to do asanas that are suitable for the body and mind and to notice how energy begins to move in your body.

This way, you can discover how yoga helps you release tension and mental stress that have accumulated in the body.


You can read more about the reasons why yoga is beneficial for everyone.


Yoga cards

Yoga began to gain popularity in the West in the late 19th century. Today, yoga is widely known for its positions called asanas. These were not at all part of India's original yoga tradition. Physical training was not the goal, instead the focus was on developing spirituality through breathing and mind exercises.

You have yoga cards in front of you, which make it especially easy to do the exercises at home or office. The pack contains 30 yoga cards with inspiring quotes for your day.

The ideal way to practice is to take 5 random cards from the pack and create a yoga series that suits you. There is no need to doubt if the postures are performed correctly because the instructions from the cards will give nice support.

With this pack of cards, you get a personal yoga trainer who will practice with you just where and where you are most prepared.

Want to go even deeper? Get yourself a private yoga class.

In the Estonian magazine KODUTOHTER, a step-by-step guide explaining one yoga position was published every month between 2020-2022.