FACIAL TREATMENT: Nature's Delight (50 minutes)

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Welcome to our Face Yoga X Nature's Delight treatment! This treatment is filled with nurturing rituals inspired by the magic of plants, designed to soothe, restore, and deeply nourish your skin. We use award-winning products from the Estonian natural cosmetics brand MaiWistik, which contain powerful ingredients such as yarrow, meadowsweet, wild strawberry, and first press olive oil - these natural elements help you achieve healthy and radiant skin.

Face yoga is an essential part of our treatment, offering long-lasting results and a 100% natural method for slowing down aging and maintaining youthful skin. Don't worry, it doesn't involve needles or toxins, but rather it's like a workout for your face, toning and firming it while improving circulation, which in turn stimulates collagen production.

Our 50-minute treatment consists of five nurturing stages for your skin:

  1. Face yoga exercises (5)
  2. Makeup and dirt removal with Clensik yarrow oil
  3. Gentle exfoliation with Female Force meadowsweet scrub
  4. Moisturizing the skin with Happik wild strawberry face balm
  5. Facial massage with a jade roller

All these stages are designed to nourish your skin and maintain its youthfulness.

Products used in the treatment:

  • Clensik face oil: Strengthens, soothes, and repairs the skin, containing first press olive oil and vitamin E, which firm and tighten the skin.
  • Female Force scrub: Deeply nourishing and restorative, containing extracts of yarrow and lemon eucalyptus.
  • Happik face balm: Moisturizing, rejuvenating, containing grapefruit essential oil and wild strawberry extracts, which help stimulate collagen formation and skin repair.
  • Jade roller: Jadeite is a stone that supports the absorption of balm and oil and symbolizes youth and health.

Come and enjoy our Face Yoga X Nature's Delight treatment and experience the power and beauty of nature! The same facial treatment was also available in 2023 at the Blue Salon in Tallinn as a seasonal offer.

NB! After payment, we will send you a confirmation via email within 24 hours to schedule the date and time. The facial treatment takes place in Kalamaja or Kadriorg.

Who conducts the treatment?
Mai-Liis Kivistik is an international yoga teacher who has supplemented her expertise with various courses, in addition to face yoga techniques.

  • Buccal deep tissue facial massage 35h
  • Gua sha therapy for the face 4h
  • Face cupping therapy 8h
  • Structural osteopathy 60h
  • Facial lymphatic massage with taping 8h
  • Functional anatomy 52h
  • STR (Soft Tissue Release) techniques 8h
  • Vinyasa yoga teacher training 200h

The treatment is conducted by Mai-Liis Kivistik, the creator of the MaiWistik brand, an international yoga teacher, and an experienced face yoga trainer. She is known as the award-winning author of face yoga cards and a health enthusiast. Mai-Liis has achieved a remarkable position in the field of face yoga, and her knowledge and skills have inspired many. Her greatest recognition was the Special Trainer of the Year award in 2022.

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