Face yoga e-workshop at your home

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Participate in a virtual face care training with face yoga teacher Mai-Liis Kivistik.

  • The duration of the training is 1.5 hours.
  • You need to use a computer, a camera and a microphone.
  • Have an open mind.

We will dive deep into skin care tips, learn lymphatic massage and do exciting exercises together to tone muscle and relieve tension.

Remember that no one is too young or old for face yoga and gender does not play a role!

Face yoga helps to get rid of wrinkles naturally. We all experience the same frustration, but you have the opportunity to restore your beauty, confidence and radiance. Yes, aging is a part of life, but no one likes to see the signs of aging. The beauty industry has manipulated us and linked our values ​​to their appearance.

Your face should not be affected by marketing, creams, or painful procedures. Face yoga is a 100% natural method with long-lasting results, how to slow down aging and have radiant skin until old age.

You can read more about the reasons why face yoga is good for you from our blog.



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Clensik is the first Estonian 2in1 herbal face and make-up removal oil, in which the meadowsweet provides you with a clear skin. Also perfect for face yoga enthusiasts.

🌱 Herbal facial oil,
🌱 meadowsweet strengthens, soothes and heals,
🌱 olive oil tightens and trims,
🌱 high-quality raw materials and local herbs,
🌱 100% natural and handmade.

Meadowsweet strengthens, soothes and heals wounds. Inhibits inflammation and has an antibacterial effect, which promotes healing, recovery and strengthening of the skin.

At the energetic level, the meadowsweet supports the ability to see clearly, create balance and calm the mind.

Winner of the Buduaar Beauty 2023 competition!



You will find 32 cards that explain the different exercises with a picture and instructions. This is your personal face yoga trainer who will give you the face yoga exercises you need. So that after the workshop it would be easy to remember the exercises and practice regularly.

Winner of the Buduaar Beauty 2022 competition!


NB! You can choose the size of the group, just click on the drop-down menu and select the number of people participating.

After making the payment, we will contact you by e-mail and agree on the e-workshop time.