Reusable double layer face mask

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MaiWistik's reusable two-layer face mask is designed to handle current situation it the world. Wearing a mask is mandatory everywhere in public, including transport and service facilities.

  • Two-layer face mask
  • Convenient for everyday use
  • Made in Estonia
  • Outer fabric layer - 130gr 100% PE
  • Inner fabric layer - 100% PP Ökotex certified fiber fabric (non woven spunbond)
  • Masks are washed together with delicate laundry
  • The size can be adjusted behind the ear
  • The mask sits nicely on your nose and does not sink 
  • This is not a medical mask


Usage of double layer face mask

1. Clean your hands before touching the mask - wash your hands with soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
2. Make sure the right side of the mask is facing out.
3. Put the mask on your face. Make sure the mask covers the nose, mouth and chin.
4. If you are wearing glasses, put the glasses on the mask not under it.
5. After the use, remove the mask, avoiding touching the potentially contaminated surface of the mask.
6. The mask can be washed by hand or with a gentle wash program. After washing, we recommend ironing and / or steaming the masks.
7. Wipe your hands again after touching or removing the mask (see section 1). If possible, wash your face as well.


What to look for when wearing a mask?


  1. The maximum time to wear this mask is 4 hours in a row, after which it is recommended to change the mask, as its surface can transmit viruses.
  2. The mask should be replaced when it is wet and exposed to secretions.
  3. The same mask should definitely not be used in contact with sick people or babies.
  4. Hand hygiene is important when using and removing the mask - otherwise a contaminated face mask may be more likely to promote infection.