Posture course (e-course)

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Available only in Estonian!

Exercises that improve posture lead to a more confident life. This is a 21-day e-course that includes seven simple exercises that improve posture and shoulder mobility. In the challenge towards more confident life a motivating video awaits you every day, which ensures that you can understand all the exercises in the best possible way.

This 21-day challenge gives you:


  • ideal tools for dealing with your posture on daily basis;
  • 7 different exercises;
  • 21 short guided videos in Estonian;
  • BONUS: Video of a habit that will change your life;
  • BONUS: PDF Yoga break - 11 exercises with a chair;
  • BONUS: a weekly schedule that you can print out yourself and keep track of your workouts.



I have been involved in competitive dance for over 10 years, then studied at numerous yoga trainings both in Estonia and abroad. I am an Estonian naturopath and I have an international yoga teacher's paper RYT 200. I am a lifelong learner and have completed various health and spiritual training in Estonia and abroad since 2013 (incl. Reiki, meta EFT, deep PEAT4, qigong, yoga, face yoga, mindfulness practices, herbal courses, etc.).