Face yoga 7day course (e-course)

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Train at home because this e-course "Week with yoga" includes 7 hours of M.A.I yoga trainings. Do it every day! Available only in Estonian!

In M.A.I Yoga, or I love mayself yoga, we focus on creating inner peace. This is an effective workout based on vinyasa yoga style. Its essence is the continuous flow of movement from one position to another, thus developing muscle endurance, flexibility and balance. The lessons are characterized by conscious breathing. In the first half of M.A.I yoga, we move in the yang energy and raise the pulse, and in the second half we stretch in the yin energy. We always end with meditation.

You can read more about the reasons why yoga is beneficial for everyone.


Who is Mai?

I have been competitive ballroom dancer for more than 10 years, completing numerous yoga trainings both in Estonia and abroad. I am an Estonian naturopath, and I have an international yoga teacher’s certificate (RYT200). 

By purchasing this e-course, you will soon have access to a separate video environment via e-mail. There you need to set a password and log in. When purchasing this e-course you will have to pay only 10EUR per class! If you want a private lesson, find out more here.