Candles and what you should know about making the right choice?

Whether it is used to decorate the home or to support inner reflections, the candle helps to create a relaxing mood, especially during our autumn-winter season. However, consider the toxic fumes produced by burning candles and inhaling them for a moment. Right now, not all candles are unquestionably healthy. Inhaling the common paraffin wax is not helpful at all, but soy-based candles provide soft, natural light without any danger.

Since its discovery in the mid-1800s, paraffin wax has been the cornerstone of the candle industry. The majority of candles on the market are made of paraffin wax, which is not the safest to burn because it is inhaled. Paraffin is an oil-based substance that can cause respiratory issues. Although it has a low price in the store, the person will have to pay the hidden cost later.

Paraffin candles contain hidden dangers in the form of additives that improve the appearance, shine, and scent of the candle. Inhaling these compounds for an extended period may increase the risk of developing chronic diseases like allergies, asthma, and even cancer. 




Why to choose a soy candle?

Soy candles are made from soybeans, making them a safe, natural, renewable, and biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based paraffin candles. By purchasing soy wax products, you are supporting soybean farmers and ensuring that your candle burns cleanly and does not pollute the air you breathe. Soy that is free of GMOs should be labeled as such.

Soy candles can leave a fine white residue after a long time of use that is non-toxic and can be easily removed from almost any surface with warm soapy water.

Because soy wax burns slower and more evenly than paraffin, the candle will last longer. Although a soy candle costs a little more, the extra cost is offset by the longer burning time.


Candle and color

Soy wax has a natural creamy tone, but colored candles are also available. Colored candles can be very attractive, but they may contain dyes that contain toxic compounds. Check the packaging to see if the manufacturer used safe natural dyes.


Soy candle and wick

Not everyone aspires to be on an equal footing. When it comes to wicking, cotton or wood are the best choices. They are typically non-polluting and safe to burn. Regardless of the type of wick you use, cut the wick to a length of 0.5 cm before each burn to ensure even burning. This will help prevent residue build-up.


What are the fragrances used in candles?

Aromatic oils are widely used to make scented oils, soaps, candles, and other products. Many people like the candle because it smells good. It can smell like bubble wrap or salt caramel. To achieve the desired result, a variety of synthetic materials are used to create these oils. The essential oil, on the other hand, is a completely natural ingredient extracted from various parts of the plant. It also has the plant's healing properties, so your candle will not only bring you peace of mind but also health stimulation. A candle with essential oils or plants is the ideal air element balancer.

NB: Never leave your candle unattended or burn it on or near flammable materials. 

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