Face yoga helps to get naturally rid of wrinkles

  1. Do you notice signs of aging in the mirror?
  2. Do you feel despair that one side of your face doesn't move enough or has sagged?
  3. Do you feel like you've tried all procedures, but there are no lasting results?
  4. Are you tired of searching for glasses?


Face Yoga is a natural way to eliminate wrinkles while addressing various muscle immobility issues that may affect the appearance and health of your face. We often feel disappointed when we discover signs of aging on our face. But don't let yourself be discouraged because you have the opportunity to restore confidence, beauty, and a youthful appearance without complex procedures or expensive creams. The beauty industry has created ideals associated with youth and beauty, but true beauty comes from within, and Face Yoga is the path to achieving it.

You've probably tried various creams, serums, and treatments, but there are no lasting changes to be seen. Products cannot stop the aging process. There are over 50 muscles in the face that we don't use enough every day. When these muscles remain inactive, the skin becomes loose, and signs of aging emerge. This is where Face Yoga comes in.

Much more than just anti-wrinkle practice


Face Yoga is an effective way to make the skin more radiant and youthful, as it helps combat muscle tone loss and overstrain. Regular Face Yoga exercises work wonders, not only improving facial appearance but also alleviating muscle immobility issues, correcting vision, and improving diction.

Face exercises target specific muscle groups, stimulating their activity and restoring their elasticity. Face Yoga plays an important role in supporting the face, especially when some face muscles are stiff due to injury or conditions like Parkinson's disease. In situations where muscles may be affected by injury or neurological disorders, maintaining or restoring mobility becomes a significant challenge. Facial exercises offer a natural and non-invasive approach to addressing these concerns.

Eye muscle exercises are an effective way to support and improve vision, creating balance and strengthening crucial muscles around the eyes. Our modern office-centered lifestyle, involving prolonged sitting in front of screens and limited eye movement, leads to weakening of eye muscles and excessive strain, which in turn affects vision. Face Yoga offers simple exercises aimed at strengthening eye muscles and improving focus, eye coordination, and circulation in the eye area. Eye muscle exercises are an affordable and easy way to invest in your vision health and maintain eye well-being amidst daily challenges.

Remember, nobody is too young or too old to start Face Yoga, and it's suitable for everyone regardless of gender. It's an investment not only in appearance but also in health and well-being.


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Guided by the field expert


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When leading workshops and courses, Mai-Liis Kivistik brings not only years of experience as an international yoga teacher but also her role as the creator of the MaiWistik brand and the award-winning author of face yoga cards. Her accomplishments and recognitions, including the Special Trainer of the Year award in 2022, attest to her outstanding position in the field of face yoga.

By joining Mai-Liis's face yoga e-course, workshop, or private lesson, you will find yourself guided by an experienced professional whose aim is to share deep knowledge and skills.

Her teachings are comprehensive, informative, and supportive, inspiring you to discover the beauty and confidence within yourself.

Her dedication to health and professional passion make guidance a unique and inspiring experience, leading you to a radiant and confident appearance.

Mai-Liis is an international yoga teacher who has also expanded her expertise with various courses:
  • Buccal deep tissue facial massage 35h
  • Gua sha therapy for the face 4h
  • Facial cupping therapy 8h
  • Structural osteopathy 60h
  • Lymphatic facial massage with taping 8h
  • Functional anatomy 52h
  • STR (Soft Tissue Release) techniques 8h
  • 200h Vinyasa yoga teacher course


Join the "Natural Beauty" community (only in estonian)

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Discover the enchanting world of timeless beauty that brings you natural radiance and youthful skin. Join our community and gain access to pre-recorded exercises for every facial area, valuable skincare tips, and expert advice on health and beauty. Experienced instructor Mai-Liis Kivistik conducts live group workouts once a month, providing personal feedback and inspiration. As a bonus, there are also yoga classes that support holistic beauty, posture, and well-being. Face training has never been easier!

⋙ Want to learn more about the world of timeless beauty? Come and visit the Natural Beauty Club here.


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We are happy to conduct face yoga workshops according to your preferences. They can be of desired length either virtually or in person. Private lesson option is also available. The training can be conducted in both Estonian and English.

"Many thanks for conducting yesterday's workshop. We received useful and good information that we also discussed and exchanged experiences over coffee after the workshop. I happily recommend this format to other teams – a very nice way to get out of the work environment. Thank you!" — Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences Mainor


Unlike overpriced procedures, face yoga costs nothing! It only takes 10 minutes of your day. Considering the time and expense of various treatments or purchasing expensive creams, it seems almost foolish not to try face yoga.

Face yoga is also designed to free the mind from stress and act as moving meditation. Face yoga is actually quite similar to other styles of yoga - it tones muscles, improves circulation, and at the same time, you meditate and breathe deeply. And just like yoga, it may take some practice before fully understanding the poses.

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 "I attended a face yoga workshop expecting an entertaining evening. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the valuable tips I received about habits and their impact on the face and wrinkles. It was a truly engaging experience that made me rethink my daily routines. Mai demonstrated several effective exercises that seamlessly fit into my morning routine. Her explanations were clear and showed genuine passion for what she does. As a result, she managed to ignite the same passion in me." - Tina

We have collaborated with companies such as Eesti Energia, Testlio, Wise, Eesti Psoriaasiliit, Toitumisteraapia keskus, Kuressaare Haigla, Tallinna Ülikool, and many other wonderful organizations.


Home Face Yoga

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  1. The card pack contains 32 high-quality cards explaining various face yoga exercises with pictures and instructions. It's your personal face yoga trainer. Face yoga cards are available not only in our online store but also in every well-equipped Apollo and Rahva Raamat store.
  2. The set includes 3 very important 100% natural products:
  • ✔️ Clensik face oil;
  • ✔️ Happik face balm;
  • ✔️ Rollik jadeite skincare roller.
3. Personalized face yoga plan could be the miracle you're looking for!
But don't think achieving visible results is easy - it requires perseverance and consistency. To succeed, try practicing face yoga daily for at least 10 minutes consistently for 3-4 months.
4. The first comprehensive 4-week face yoga e-course in Estonian " 10x younger without surgical intervention”.
The course lasts four weeks, with seven exercises to be performed each day, totaling 28 exercises. Each week has specific exercises to be repeated over seven days. Repetition helps you learn the technique, and at the end of the course, you can do the exercises wherever you want because the technique is ingrained in you. In addition, each week has one specific task that requires 20 minutes of dedication. This helps you understand patterns and habits that either support or hinder your progress.


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"I always thought I was doing everything right when it came to taking care of my skin. But then I noticed those little signs of aging that wouldn't go away no matter how much cream I applied. So, when I saw the advertisement for this course, I thought, 'why not give it a try?' And I'm so glad I did! Not only did I see improvements in my skin's elasticity and tone, but I also felt more relaxed and confident. It's like a workout for my face and my mind!" - Laura


What Accessories Do I Need?

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Blue light blocking glasses



What Are the Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses to Optimize Sleep?

Evening exposure to blue light sends signals to us that it's daytime, which in turn suppresses melatonin production.

Use of digital devices (e.g., smartphones, TVs, laptops, household lights, and even the light in our fridge) are the biggest culprits emitting blue light and disrupting our circadian rhythms, making it difficult to fall asleep.

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face yoga chair

What Should My Office Chair Be Like?

A saddle chair promotes a more natural and balanced posture of the spine. On regular chairs with flat seats, people often tend to slouch, which starts to strain the lower back. The saddle chair promotes a posture where the spine has a more natural S-shaped curve, and your core muscles are constantly active, leading to better circulation and less tension in the neck and shoulders.

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face yoga massage

How to Relieve Tension in the Shoulder Girdle or Back?

Chronic tension in the shoulder girdle muscles can lead to muscle stiffness and pain. It can also contribute to conditions such as myofascial pain syndrome and tension headaches.

Tense shoulders can contribute to poor posture, which in turn can lead to back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal or facial problems.

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