Naturopath helps to restore your well-being

Do you have digestive problems?
Do you have problems with anxiety?
Tired of constantly struggling with skin trouble?
Looking for relief from sleep disorders?



Come to the session and I will help you solve your health problems through nature, because nature always comes first. Give naturophaty a change. I have had many satisfied customers. The therapy lasts 1,5 hours and the fee is 75 EUR.




"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I got anxiety under control in 2 weeks." - Anna

 "Honestly, I didn't think it was possible to improve my sleep quality with plants. I am grateful for the help." - Maris

"Kõige huvitavam on see, et ravisin Curetik salviga aastaid piina teinud pärasoole lõhe nädalaga terveks. Soovitan teil selle teema osas teha võimalusel katsetusi, sest tean et väga paljud on sellega hädas (eriti peale sünnitust) ja see ei taha üldse paraneda. Siiani ei ole mind ükski teine asi aidanud, mis arst kirjutanud on." - Triinu




When should you come to the session?

We often have different periods in our lives, sometimes we feel lack of energy, we experience headaches, we want to strengthen our immunity or we have a bundle of other health concerns - naturophat can help here.

There are different reasons to visit:

  • Energy shortage,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • tension headaches or migraines,
  • stress or burnout,
  • difficulty falling asleep,
  • skin problems,
  • women's worries,
  • lifestyle change.


Sessions are held in Tallinn, Kalamaja or via video. Therapy lasts 1,5h and in the process, we map the necessary information, as a result you get apersonal overview, how to support yourself with suitable herbs and how to use them properly. Session is always preceded by a written questionnaire, we ask you to answer in advance so that we can ensure a smooth and efficient consultation. Successful results are important in the big picture.

Mai-Liis uses ancient plant wisdom and folk medicine in her work and, if necessary, combines it with various energy practices. Comprehensive therapy is intended for people who want to restore their health and well-being in a natural way or who have not found solutions in other ways. Book a session.


Who is a naturopath?

A naturopath or herbalist or phytotherapist is a certified plant lover with a holistic worldview, whose goal is to bring a person's life into balance by bringing him/her in balance with nature. Man should be dependent on nature and in direct contact with it , because that is where everything necessary for life comes from. Each of us is part of a big whole. The environment we live in affects us and we in turn affect the environment. Estonians have always been considered a witch nation precisely because of their knowledge of the plant wisdom.

Herbs support you body at all times throughout the year. We live in a complex world in which the very existence of one's own immunity has been forgotten. The function of immunity is to ensure a stable internal environment for the body and to distinguish it from foreign ones. Health depends not only on what we do and choose today, but also on what we did yesterday, last week and last month. Good health is part of our lifestyle.

The naturopath looks at the person as a whole and uses herbs, oils, tinctures, wraps, ointments, tufts as tools - all of which can be used to access herbs. Medicinal plants are plants that contain bioactive natural compounds (including various parts of the plant).




Introduction to naturopathy at TV3 "Suvised Seitsmesed"



Behind the concept of MaiWistik is an Estonian natural therapist, Mai-Liis Kivistik, who studied at the Herbaticum School of Metsamoor Irje Karjuse. Our selection includes products based on Estonian medicinal herbs, so that the local plant can support your daily routine in the best way possible and keep your skin shining for a long time. We believe that where you were born plays a big role in what to eat, apply to the skin, and what plants to use because they just work best for you.

A Japanese study confirms that a 20-minute view of a forest landscape reduces stress by 13%. Then think about what happens to our skin or energy field when we use herbs on a daily bases Natural Cosmetics . Following the principle of similarity, we are one with nature. Medicinal herbs are suitable as strong supporters of our energy field.

Herbal treatment is a process that requires patience, but it is very effective because it does not harm the human body. The best comparison is a study trip and a taxi. The plant is like a driving instructor because it teaches you to drive yourself and at some point you don't need it anymore. While the drug is a taxi driver who will eventually run your life and you can't change the situation.


Herbaticum podcast 

A glimpse into the holistic world of herbs. In each episode, we take a look at one central topic, which we discuss with the guest of Herbaticum and bring home a piece of nature and soulfulness to the listener. Listening to the podcast, you will soon agree that the language of plants is not that complicated. Just be enchanted.

Hots: Irje Karjus & Mai-Liis Kivistik


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