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Are you looking for ways to discover your natural beauty and achieve a beautiful and youthful appearance at every stage of life?

Welcome to the Natural Beauty Club! I'm here to offer you effective tools and practical knowledge to help you enhance your beauty routine and take care of your facial skin without resorting to expensive or radical beauty treatments.

If you want to understand how and why we train, care for, and exercise our faces, then the Natural Beauty Club is just for you. Here, you can enhance your knowledge on your beauty journey and connect with others who share similar interests.


  • Have you felt that your facial skin needs extra care and attention?
  • Have you been searching for effective ways to reduce wrinkles and increase skin elasticity?


The Natural Beauty Club offers you the opportunity to find solutions to these concerns and discover your own beauty potential. We focus not only on the surface of the skin but also on the muscles and lymphatic system beneath it. Our exclusive facial yoga techniques and exercise routines are designed to strengthen facial muscles, improve blood circulation, and reduce tensions and wrinkles.


facial yoga

The Natural Beauty Club is much more than just facial exercises

Here, you'll find videos for the 7 most important muscle groups, including:

  • Important information about muscle physiology.
  • An overview of the muscles we have.
  • Reasons why it's important to train these specific muscles.
  • Ideas on how to keep these muscles active effortlessly on a daily basis.

In addition, I'll demonstrate exercises along with explanations on how to train the specific area important to you. I'm here to help you discover your body's potential and achieve natural beauty through healthy and mindful exercise.


Does the increasingly popular facial yoga really help? Three women share their experiences

Plenty of exciting and useful materials

Explore our wide range of existing materials and discover even more ways to enhance your beauty routine and maintain natural beauty:

  • Facial Yoga Marathons: Enjoy 40-minute videos where we do facial yoga together. I'll demonstrate each exercise and share tips on how to do them correctly for maximum results. As a club member, you have the opportunity to join live sessions every month and ask questions as well.

  • Skincare Tips: Find practical and effective tips on how to care for your skin in the best way and maintain a radiant and youthful complexion.

  • Video Lecture "Secrets of Maintaining Youthful Skin": Dive deeper into knowledge and discover how to keep your skin youthful and avoid signs of aging.

  • List of Anti-Aging Tools: Check out our recommendations for tools that can help you maintain youthfulness and vitality.

  • Body Yoga Exercises: Explore the world of body exercises and find ways to keep your posture straight and your body healthy.

  • Nutrition, Health & Herbal Remedies: Join our pre-recorded webinars where we discuss secrets to radiant skin and how natural remedies can support our health and beauty.

  • Recording of a 3-Day Facial Yoga Challenge: Join us for a look back at the 3-day facial yoga challenge and discover how to achieve quick results in your facial yoga practice.

  • Recording of a 5-Day Facial Yoga Challenge: Take a step further and participate in our 5-day facial yoga challenge. Watch the recordings and discover how to continue your facial yoga journey.

  • Recording of a 5-Day Facial Roller Challenge: Dive into our facial roller challenge recordings and discover how to use this effective tool in your skincare routine.

    facial yoga


    Enjoy more than just facial yoga exercises - discover a wealth of materials and resources to help you maintain your natural beauty and achieve a radiant and youthful appearance at every age! We create a community where you can share experiences, get answers to questions, and find inspiration from other club members.

    You'll be guided by an expert in the field

    Mai-Liis Kivistik is an international yoga teacher who has supplemented her knowledge with various courses in addition to facial yoga techniques.

    • Buccal deep tissue facial massage 35h
    • Gua sha therapy for the face 4h
    • Facial cupping therapy 8h
    • Structural osteopathy 60h
    • Lymphatic facial massage with taping 8h
    • Functional anatomy 52h
    • STR (Soft Tissue Release) techniques 8h
    • Vinyasa yoga teacher training course 200h



      Mai-Liis is the creator of the MaiWistik brand, an international yoga teacher, and an experienced face yoga trainer. She is known as an award-winning author of face yoga cards and a health enthusiast. Mai-Liis has achieved a prominent position in the field of face yoga, and her knowledge and skills have inspired many. Her greatest recognition was receiving the Trainer of the Year award in 2022. By joining the Natural Beauty Club, you can be sure that you are guided by an experienced professional whose goal is to share knowledge and skills that will lead you to a radiant and confident appearance. Her teachings are comprehensive, informative, and supportive, inviting you to discover the beauty and confidence hidden within you.

      Do you want to discover the magical world of your natural beauty and achieve a radiant and confident appearance? Watch the video!

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