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 MaiWistik OÜ
KMKR nr: EE102395480
Registry code: 14845540
E-mail: info@maiwistik.eu
Tel: +372 56285173



MaiWistik is a natural cosmetics brand made from hand-picked Estonian herbs, which is ideal for your skin to maintain its youthfulness.

MaiWistik is a combination of herbal therapy, yoga and face yoga.

We ensure to you balance through a holistic approach, focusing on ancient plant wisdom.

We want you to be able to support yourself until old age. We promise that nature is for everyone!

Brand creator Mai-Liis Kivistik is a naturopath, yoga teacher and an ardent healthy lifestyle promoter.

All of the above sums up our own hastag #zeninsideout.


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MaiWistik's mission is to share plant wisdom and natural skin care tips. We want you to be able to support yourself until old age with your own resources and pay more attention to what your body really needs and less to what is being marketed to you.

We also perform face yoga sessions and group or private yoga classes.

You have the opportunity to perceive and understand how nature supports our daily activities. If we can notice the surroundings, we will soon discover that plants communicate with us. I recommend reading Daniel Chamovitz's book, What a Plant Knows, which goes into more detail on this matter.

A conscious person monitors her footprint on their consumption. To think and act more green. Nature is a conductor who always plays the music of its choice. We, humans, dance to its instruments and never the other way around. It is very important to us that we take care of the planet!


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