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Life on Earth doesn't function without plants. Humans breathe in the oxygen produced by plants, use plants as food and medicine, and dead plants create soil through decomposition. If we know how to observe our surroundings, we'll discover that plants communicate with us. We recommend exploring Daniel Chamovitz's book "What a Plant Knows" for more on this topic.

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Our Brand Story

Once upon a time, when the sun smiled brightly and the birds sang joyfully, there stood at the edge of the forest a small, wise, health-conscious fairy named Mai-Liis Kivistik. She had just learned that she had an overactive thyroid, which meant that her body was out of balance. The thyroid is responsible for hormone production, and when its function is disrupted, it can cause health problems. 

But Mai wasn't sad or worried at all because she knew that nature had secret magical powers. She decided not to immediately resort to medication but to give her body a chance to heal itself. She took a break to let herself gather strength and took a step back from the fast-paced world.

On that warm day as she walked along the forest path, she heard a strange whisper. She stopped and looked around but didn't see anything special at first. Then she noticed a peculiar plant that called out to her. It was Celandine, an excellent plant known for its natural iodine properties and was said to work wonders. She picked some leaves and immediately felt more energetic. After 6 months, the diagnosis was overcome.

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Mai-Liis listened carefully to the plant's whisper and realized that it could be her helper on the healing journey. Celandine was known for its natural iodine properties and was said to work wonders. She picked some leaves and immediately felt more energetic. After 6 months, the diagnosis was overcome.

From that day on, Mai began to immerse herself in the exciting world where plants were her best friends and helpers. She learned to communicate with plants and discovered that each plant had its own special quality and ability. She mixed magical ointments and potions and shared them with everyone who needed them.

Thus was born MaiWistik - an award-winning handmade natural cosmetics brand that uses Estonian medicinal herbs. MaiWistik's goal was to preserve the youthfulness of the skin and support people's physical, mental, and energetic balance. Yoga, herbal therapy, and natural skincare were combined into one harmonious holistic experience.

But the journey with MaiWistik was not always easy. In 2021, they faced a major challenge. A German natural company was not happy that MaiWistik used the combination of the words "Herba" and "zen" in its name. Therefore, they had to decide to change the brand's name.

After much thought and inner searching, Mai found a new name - MaiWistik. There was a lot of depth and meaning in this short name. "M" symbolized love for oneself. "A" reminded her of love and how important it is to love and take care of oneself. "I" reminded her that each of us is unique and important. "Witch" meant magic or reverse magic, indicating a connection to plants and nature. "Seedling," on the other hand, reminded her of her love for plants and the desire to use them as healing tools.

And so Mai continues her journey, sharing her knowledge and experiences through MaiWistik. Her story was a teaching reminder that nature has a lot to offer us, and our own health and well-being are in our own hands. 


"Every right thing comes to a person's path when they need it, just like with plants. The first plant that caught my attention was Celandine. It's considered a natural iodine. Absorbed through the skin, Celandine also stimulates the immune system, which in turn boosts the body's tone along with the sense of well-being. I quickly understood why this plant should be in our first ointment - CURETIK." - Mai


    Who is the brand creator Mai-Liis Kivistik?

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    Mai-Liis Kivistik is a versatile personality who has found her way as a nature therapist, health promoter, yoga teacher, knowledgeable fitness instructor, advocate for natural remedies, and entrepreneur. Mai's prominent position in the field of face yoga and herbal medicine is confirmed by her achievements and recognitions, including the special award "Trainer of the Year 2022." She has a 10-year career in competitive dancing behind her, which ended due to injury. She holds a bachelor's degree in communication technology and furthered her education as an Erasmus exchange student in Portugal, which allowed her to travel and broaden her worldview.

    In addition, she has actively participated in various international projects and has experimented over the years with implementing more than 20 business ideas.

    Mai-Liis started her career in the IT field but felt that it did not offer her enough creativity or excitement. Nevertheless, she believes it was the right choice as it always gives her the opportunity to return to that field if desired. She has acquired a diverse range of experiences working in startups, IT, marketing, and event management. Her longest job has been at Mindvalley, which brings together self-improvement enthusiasts from around the world and has organized international events there. Due to the intense work, she experienced burnout and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

    The diagnosis prompted her to take time off and learn something entirely new. She decided to attend the Herbaticum school to acquire knowledge about herbal medicine, as holistic healing has fascinated her since childhood. Initially, she had no idea that this would become part of her spiritual path; she just really liked this world. After completing the school, however, she realized that she wanted to do something bigger with this knowledge, and on November 11, 2019, the MaiWistik brand was born.

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    Green Mindset & Packaging

    A green mindset is in everyone's hands. We can save nature through consumption reduction, reuse, and recycling. From the beginning, we have decided that our packaging should have the smallest possible climate impact.

    Looking at the cosmetics industry, regardless of whether the cream is in a sealed glass or plastic jar, you can usually see packaging around it. Understandably, for sending the product by post, packaging is needed, but it is not actually necessary for picking it off the store shelf. MaiWistik natural products are generally packaged in glass jars, which are environmentally friendly because they can be recycled. Since light and heat usually damage oil, we have chosen mainly dark glass packaging to protect the jar's contents from external influences. Our design is beautiful even without a box - see for yourself.

    Of course, after making a purchase from the online store, the order will reach you by mail and with additional packaging, but we use a corrugated cardboard box for this, which is easy to, for example, burn or reuse for storing dried herbs. As filler material, we use natural wood wool, which is beautiful, high-quality, chemical-free, and biodegradable. Here, one could also think that if it is not possible to reuse materials oneself, they could be taken for recycling by sorting waste and taking them to collection points. By contributing to recycling, our green mindset gains momentum, and less nature is harmed.


    In addition, all our flyers or promotional materials are printed on recycled paper. We distribute e-course materials to participants virtually to reduce paper waste.


    We use local packaging and incorporate as many local medicinal plants, hemp oil, and beeswax as possible in our products, as this reduces the emission of greenhouse gases from transporting our raw materials from one place to another and, on the other hand, supports the economy. We manufacture in Estonia because this reduces greenhouse gas emissions, preserves biological diversity, reduces waste and pollution, and supports the local economy and communities.