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    Eesti looduskosmeetika ja näojooga

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Eesti looduskosmeetika ja näojooga

Botanical herbs
Hand picked & made
Pure ingredients
Free of chemical additives
Naturopath creation
Award-winning products
Ancient plant wisdom
Ancestral beauty secrets

The products are handmade

We promise nature suits for everyone!

"My baby's arms are rough and a little cracked during the winter. Curetik is the only balm he doesn't complain of tingling after being smeared."

- Katrin

"Female Force Body Scrub smells wonderful, reminds me Bali magic right away!"

- Mari Ojasaar

"Freshik cream deodorant is my favorite. So nice consistency and smell!"

- Hannaliis Ruuven

"After using the Female Force Body Scrub you don't need any body cream because your skin is already super soft!"

- Anita Sibul

Brand creator Mai-Liis Kivistik

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Every MaiWistik product is full of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, all of the highest quality. This product line is built on three oils: olive, neem and coconut. The oils of the first cold press soften, moisturize and nourish, while increasing the elasticity of the skin. Oils help restore and protect the skin and slow down aging.

In our balms you will find beeswax, which contains more than 300 useful ingredients. The wax is also rich in vitamin A and has emollient properties that aid in cell regeneration. 

As for medicinal plants, you can find iron grass, eel seed, field soja, St. John's wort, red clover, oregano, chamomile, pine, mint in the products.

MaiWistik's products embody pure, simple and sustainable skin support.

The products do not contain known endocrine disruptors. Contains no parabens, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, metals, petroleum products or petroleum jelly.

MaiWistik's products are natural and suitable for the whole family - women, men, children and adolescents.

Conscious person's choice!