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Do you feel like you want to offer something exciting to your co-workers?
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MaiWistik's mission is to share plant wistom and natural skincare tricks. We want you to be able to support yourself until old age with your own resources. Moreover, we want you to pay more attention to what your body really needs and less to what is marketed to you.

In addition, we offer face yoga sessions and private or group yoga classes.

You have the opportunity to perceive and understand how nature supports our activities. If we can notice our surroundings, we will discover that plants communicate with us. I recommend reading Daniel Chamovitz's book, What a Plant Knows, which goes into more detail with that topic.

A conscious person monitors the green footprint with her consumption. Nature is a conductor who always plays the music of its choice. Humans dance by natures instrument and never to the contrary. It is very important to us that we take care of the planet!


Ordering a workshop

We create workshops just for you either an exciting lecture on ancient plant wisdom and how to use them, or even a workshop where a natural skin care product is made with your own hands.

Skin is the fabric that covers your entire body. Its job is to protect you from all external intruders. Your skin is a wonderful mirror because it shows the condition of the whole body very well. It is not possible to look at any skin problem in isolation from the digestive system.

It is possible to order natural skin care products according to your wishes. We help you decide on texture, smell and appearance. Just let us know your wish and we will put your vision into practice. It is a wonderful gift for a sweetheart, wedding guest, girl's night or a birthday child.

Some suggested workshop topics:

🌱 Why is it important to think about the health of your skin and to prefer nature in your daily skin care?
🌱 Why is it important to think about what you put on your skin?
🌱 Basics of minimalist body care.
🌱 Important herbs for the skin.
🌱 Simple face yoga tricks.


Face yoga workshop

Your face should not be affected by marketing, creams or painful procedures. Face yoga is a long - lasting, 100% natural way to slow down aging and have radiant skin until old age.
Face yoga and exercises with regular practice have been proven to help against aging, improve the structure and quality of the skin and prevent it from sagging. Face muscles are not that different from the rest of the body muscles.

Remember that no one is too young or old to start and gender is not decisive.


Make your own natural cosmetics product

In the workshop we will talk about the principles of skin care as well as the active ingredients of natural cosmetics.

It is possible to make a room cleaner, body scrub, hygienic lipstick or body lotion. Our main ingredients are vegetable butter, oils and waxes. Regarding a scrub we need to add substances intended to remove dead skin cells.


Forest bath or hiking

We spend 1-3 hours in the wild nature. You choose a suitable path or we can offer it, and during the walk we perform several exciting exercises to connect with nature. We focus on the surrounding and perceive the magic of plants:

  • Charging with the earth's energy
  • Dry whistling
  • Experiencing Color Therapy


How to book?

Book an exciting workshop, lecture or a hike.

You are more then welcome to write to us about your thoughts. Ordering a workshops is a breeze. Why not make a birthday or company event especially memorable thanks to the ancient power of herbs?!

Invite us to host the event at or call +372 56285173.

We have cooperated with Eesti Energia, the Estonian Psoriasis Association, Testlio, Tallinn University and several other great companies.

We are open to all kinds of exciting ideas and are ready to travel to smaller Estonian cities. If desired, we will conduct the training in both Estonian and English.