Intestinal problems and how to naturally alleviate them

Intestinal problems are very common. For every symptom, there is always a cause. The importance of rhythm cannot be overstated. Your body will feel better if you eat regularly. You've probably heard that eating a good breakfast, a mediocre lunch, and a bad dinner is a good idea. This is the most efficient way for our bodies to function. Even studies have shown that elderly people who ate and slept at the same time every day lived much longer than those who did not. The body's ability to heal itself is greatly enhanced by living in the rhythms of one's daily life that are beneficial to one's body. "AJARÜTMIDE MÕJU TERVISELE" for more information on the importance and longevity of rhythm.


How to support your digestive tract?

The stomach needs to rest, so it's a good idea to practice intermittent fasting, which means not chewing in the evenings and consciously leaving the meal break for 12-16 hours. It may be difficult to break the habit at first, but persevere and you will see results after 21 days. Eating, or constantly biting and working your stomach, can cause a variety of digestive issues. And I'm constantly biting it during the day. Be aware of your surroundings and try to take breaks after each meal.

Acidified foods, a small portion of which should be added to each meal, will help to support the bacteria in your digestive tract. The plants are also fantastic when acidified. Gather the weeds you're familiar with, roll out the juice with a small rolling pin or a mug, and place them in the jar. Toss in a pinch of salt and sugar, as well as a teaspoon of water, and press the stone first. Allow this jar to sit in the room for two to three days with the lid on.

Every aspect of digestive function is supported by all plants that contain bitter substances. Artichoke, dandelion leaf and root, ginger, and bitter green salad are all good options.

Garlics can also be used to cleanse the body in the spring. Wild garlic is excellent because it is sharp in flavor, promotes digestion, and boosts immunity. It has a positive effect on the liver and helps to reduce inflammatory processes in the body.

Garlic is an all-around immune booster that should be included in your diet as much as possible.


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Intestinal problems and what to do if you already have a more serious concern?


Bloating and inflammatory bowel syndrome are caused by a variety of factors, including lifestyle and stress. It's not easy to avoid intestinal problems, but practicing meditation,  yoga, or breathing exercises can help you be more present at the moment and thus in tune with yourself.


  • Heartburn and ulcers

    • In this case, all plants that promote mucus secretion are beneficial, as they become mucus-like and form a protective layer on your mucous membrane when they come into contact with water. Tea leaves, yarrow, calendula, and water grass are a few examples of plants that could be used. A living plant is the most effective. Because the best effect comes from tea, baths, or even food, prepare with a water base.
  • Flatulence

    • In the plant world, fennel, mint, and ginger are the best helpers because they relax the tense intestines and allow the gases to escape freely. By the way, fennel is a common ingredient in baby gas pain drinks. If the plant's tea or food isn't absorbing well, a drop of peppermint essential oil mixed with olive oil can be applied directly to the stomach. Chamomile and melissa are examples of digestive plants.
  • Diarrhea

    • All antimicrobial plants, such as cinnamon, monarda, chamomile, and ginger, are beneficial in the case of diarrhea.


In the event of indigestion, a liquid plant would be preferable. The benefit of using herbs as a tea or tincture is that they are perceived by all of the senses and begin to be absorbed into the bloodstream before they reach the stomach. It takes longer with capsules or tablets because they must first reach the stomach and start breaking down there.

In our January Facebook live, we delved deep into the subject.

An easy way to cleanse your body

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