Face yoga cards

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Face yoga cards include:

  • 30 effective exercises,
  • introduction to face yoga,
  • instructions for using a face roller.

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Our face has over 50 different muscles, and we do not use them all on a daily basis. Muscle passivity loosens the skin, leading to premature aging. With face yoga, you can relax your facial muscles, especially your overworked muscles which, in the end, cause wrinkles. You can make your skin brighter and more youthful by devoting yourself to facial yoga.

Consistency is the key to success, because change will certainly not happen overnight. To get started, you could try to exercise for at least 10 minutes a day for 3-4 months in a row. Are you ready to wake up the sagging muscles in your face and maintain wrinkle-free skin?

When you exercise regularly for 6 months or more, you will see your face completely tight, the local appearance will be reduced, the bags under the eyes will be smaller and the lines may be reduced by up to 80%. Significant change in total skin elasticity and complexion.


Face yoga cards

The ideal way to practice is to take one card from the pack and place it in a visible place. A suitable place is, for example, a refrigerator, a computer desk, a livingroom shelf - any place you walk by several times a day. The idea is that every time you walk past it, you do the exercise. This, in turn, ensures that you repeat the exercise several times a day with short repetitions, and you don't have to find separate time for practicing. The next day you exchange the card with a new one. After a month, you shuffle the pack and a new round begins. If you want more, you can nicely put together a face yoga series by pulling out exactly the cards you need today.

Remember that no one is too young or old for facial yoga and that gender is not a factor!

You will find 32 cards in the pack, each explaining a different face yoga exercises with a picture and a guide. This is your personal face yoga trainer.

Before training the face muscles, the face should be cleansed and a moisturizing ointment or face balm should be applied.