Shiny skin kit (3 parts)

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The kit contains 3 very important components:

  1. Clensik facial oil;
  2. Happik face balm;
  3. Jade face roller.



Clensik is an innovative product that contains the natural herb meadowsweet and offers you a 2in1 solution for removing makeup and moisturizing your face. Meadowsweet helps achieve clear complexion while also supporting skin health and beauty.

Meadowsweet is a powerful herb that helps strengthen, soothe, and improve your skin. It inhibits inflammation and has antibacterial properties, contributing to skin healing, recovery, and strengthening. Therefore, if you want healthy and beautiful skin, meadowsweet is what you need.

On an energetic level, meadowsweet supports clairvoyance, balance, and peace of mind. It gives you calm and stable energy and helps achieve inner peace.

So, if you want to enjoy the power of nature and get beautiful and healthy skin, try Clensik makeup removal oil.

Buduaar beauty competition 2023 winner!



Happik is a wonderful face and lip balm that contains two powerful medicinal herbs - horsetail and meadowsweet. This deeply moisturizing and rejuvenating balm gives your skin a new lease on life and uplifts your mood.

Happik is a great alternative to cream, as it does not contain water and therefore moisturizes the skin deeply. Dry skin and lips are no longer a problem, as Happik helps to maintain the moisture balance of the skin and lips, and protects them from drying out.

Horsetail and meadowsweet are known for their skin-renewing and rejuvenating properties. These natural ingredients are rich in antioxidants, which help to fight signs of aging and give the skin radiance and elasticity.

In addition, Happik is an uplifting balm that helps you maintain a positive mood throughout the day. Enjoy the soothing effect of this balm and let your skin and mind relax.

In summary, Happik is an excellent choice if you want healthy, moisturized, and youthful skin and lips.

Buduaar beauty competition 2021 winner!



Green jade face roller is made of semi-precious stone and is also a beauty tool used in facial massage. Jadeite is a stone belonging to the jade family. Symbolizes abundance, love, loyalty and good health. The crystal is not only aesthetic, but also plays a big role, it is cool to the touch. Some enthusiasts keep the roller in the fridge.

Cold sensation combined with pressure on the facial area has been used effectively for centuries. The reason is very simple: the cold restricts blood flow in the area and the pressure causes the lymph fluid to move to the lymph nodes, which in turn filter the toxins in the body.

The benefit of the jade roller is to improve the circulatory and lymphatic systems to look even brighter, with more elastic skin and to enjoy life without swelling in any part of the face. The roller makes daily skin care even more convenient, because when applying a face balm or oil, you can direct the right amount to where it is needed most.

How to use a jade roller?

The large roller tip fits well on the face and neck, and the small roller tip fits well around the eyes. The roller has a particularly good attachment, which ensures a sound-free rolling experience. Always start rolling upwards from the neck area. When rolling through different areas, make a face-to-face in the middle and always roll from the center to the edges.

Suitable for applying cream or oil to pre-cleansed skin in the morning and evening, supporting their absorption and intensifying the effect. Always clean the roller after use.

Rolling relieves acne scars and other scars on the face. Acne scars can recede after a few days of rolling.

NB! Because it's a natural crystal, everyone is a little different.