Can you breathe properly?

Breathing is an essential component of life. We breathe about 20,000 times per day and over seven million times per year. All of the breathing muscles automatically work together and in harmony when you breathe naturally. When breathing, the entire chest must move.

Because bad breathing habits develop over time, we may not even notice how bad we are breathing. One major factor that reduces the amount of air in the lungs is muscle tension. Our posture has a significant impact on our breathing, and the violation of this begins when we sit on the school bench, because the chairs are typically poorly constructed, and being in such a forced environment every day for twelve years leads to incorrect or poor posture. We sit behind computers from there!? Everything is linked together. Even when discussing breathing, breathing is intimately linked to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


How is stress related to breathing?

The fast-paced pace of modern life, as well as constant stress, are major contributors to the development of false breathing habits, and the older we get, the more we are affected. The pressure of time causes you to breathe more quickly and superficially. Dentists have discovered that chronic stress has increased the habit of gnashing teeth, even during deep sleep.

Deficiencies in body care that obstruct natural breathing:

  • locked knees,
  • forward pushed hips,
  • stiff neck muscles,
  • clinging toe to the floor,
  • pulling your head back
  • tense shoulders
  • stiff chest.


You can lower your blood pressure and lower your heart rate by learning proper breathing techniques. Yoga can assist in breathing correction.





Breathing and wearing heels. Is there a connection here?

When you wear high heels, your posture changes dramatically because your pelvis moves forward, removing the support surface from your internal organs. As a result, the lumbar vertebrae become more arched as the body attempts to rebalance. Tension is created in the muscles, tendons, and joints as a result of all of this. The better and more open the breathing, the lower the shoe.


Why is smoking bad?

Smoking reduces lung tissue elasticity, which can lead to obstructive pulmonary disease, which ranks third in the world after cancer and vascular deaths. The airways narrow in this disease, making it difficult to exhale. When you completely exhale, your lungs fill up with air, making it difficult to breathe in again.

If you're interested in learning more about breathing, I recommend Richard Brennan's book "Conscious Breathing," or I'll gladly wait for you to find your breathing rhythm on your yoga mat.

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