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Face yoga, botanical herbs, and natural cosmetics are areas that have recently gained great popularity, garnered attention, and found their way into many people's daily lives. Here are some reasons why we enjoy writing about these topics:

  1. Health and well-being: Face yoga, botanical herbs, and natural cosmetics are closely related to health and well-being. People are seeking ways to improve skin condition, relieve stress, and strengthen the body in natural ways. Addressing these topics in articles allows us to share knowledge and advice on achieving better health and balance through natural methods.
  2. The power of nature: Many people appreciate the powerful healing force provided by nature. Herbal remedies and natural ingredients can be effective in preventing and alleviating various health problems. Articles/podcasts on these topics help introduce solutions offered by nature and teach how to use them wisely.
  3. Self-care and self-development: Face yoga is closely associated with self-care, helping improve skin elasticity and relieve tension. Articles on this topic encourage people to find time for themselves and invest in their well-being. Additionally, self-development, which is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, can be discussed.
  4. Popularity of natural skincare: People are increasingly seeking natural alternatives to traditional beauty products as they want to avoid chemicals and preservatives. Natural cosmetics have gained great popularity precisely because they offer effective results without harmful ingredients. By writing about this, we help consumers make informed choices and find the best natural products.
  5. Practical tips and exercises: Articles can share practical tips on face yoga exercises, using herbal remedies, and choosing natural cosmetics. These practical guidelines make topics accessible, which can increase readers' motivation to try these methods in their daily lives.

In summary, face yoga, herbalism, and natural cosmetics topics are inspiring because they allow people to discover the wisdom of nature, take care of themselves, and create a balance between health and beauty.

We are delighted to write articles or speak on podcasts on the topics of plants and their power, yoga, face yoga, and health. If interested, please contact us at or call +372 56285173. You can familiarize yourself with our writing style on our blog.

For two years in a row, a step-by-step guide to a yoga posture appeared monthly in the magazine KODUTOHTER, allowing people to successfully practice yoga at home. We did this from 2020 to 2022, so that people at home during the pandemic could practice yoga correctly when all gyms were closed and they couldn't go to a trainer. In the summer of 2022, a weekly naturopeth column appeared in the magazine NAISTELEHT.


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