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Writing articles and spreading the word is important to us. We live in a complex world where people do not need to think anymore and are instead fed with the best products in the world. The jar makes us feel more masculine or feminine We think it's our choice, but in fact it's behind psychology and our growth environment We are sold from an early age that certain colors and products are classified as feminine and others masculine How is it all for us and nature real effect, few speak.

The existence of human immunity has also been forgotten.

The function of immunity is to ensure a stable internal environment for the body and to distinguish it from foreign ones. Health depends not only on what we do and choose today, but also on what we did yesterday, last week and last month. Good health is part of our lifestyle. It is important to monitor your food table on a daily basis, as it is important to be aware of what you are eating and where the food comes from. Only you can take responsibility for your well-being and monitor it in every area of ​​your life.

Man should still depend on nature and be in direct contact with it, because that is where everything necessary for life comes from. Each of us is part of a big whole. The environment we live in affects us and we in return affect the environment.


We like to write articles about such pain points, because that way we can create a little more food for thought. Herbal wisdom and facial yoga are the topics closest to our hearts. We are happy to write articles about plants and their power, yoga, facial yoga and health. If you are interested, contact or call +372 56285173. You can get acquainted with the writing style on our blog . In the magazine KODUTOHTER, a step-by-step guide explaining one yoga position was published between 2020-2022.


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