Natural Beauty Ambassador

What does beauty mean to you? For MaiWistik, beauty means naturalness and the long-term durability of its beautiful shine through natural support. Nothing in nature is perfect and at the same time everything is perfect. Trees can be twisted, bent in weird ways and still look beautiful. Being natural is incredibly empowering for women because it's who you really are. You embrace all your beauty from head to toe, because if you mask your natural beauty too much, other people won't notice it either. Constantly hiding is tiring and eventually wears you down.





It is a sincere pleasure to see that our high-quality natural products are passed on as their favorites by many women and men. For the first time, we have the opportunity to introduce you to the MaiWistik NBA people, i.e. Natural Beauty Ambassadors. They represent exactly what our values are and how we see the world. Through brightness, light, joy and naturalness. You can safely ask them for product recommendations or experience stories, because they are long-term users of MaiWistik products, and this is also one of the big reasons why they are the ideal beauties for our Natural Beauty Ambassadors.



Nutrition and health therapist Triin Terasmaa.

Triinu's interest is a lifestyle that supports health. She has a higher education in social work and a diploma as nutritional therapist and functional nutrition counselor. She founded the Nutrition Therapy Center in Tallinn, where she works as a nutritional therapist, as well as a trainer at Pharma Nord. She has improved herself in various areas that support both physical and mental health.

"Beauty for me means when a person takes care of herself, loves herself. Care is expressed in simple being, peace of mind, purity of soul, silence. Caring for your body, giving clean food, living in love. Less makeup, but still a little. Beauty is, for example, in the movement of water drops , when the drops of water are on the blades of grass, the lake is mirror-smooth in the sun, there are white clouds above the blue sky. The cat is sitting by the bed. Every person is beautiful. It is especially beautiful to look at people who have decided to love themselves and are immediately beautiful. They listen to their inner feelings. There is inner peace. Nature is extremely beautiful, you could just look at it all the time. Meanwhile, there is a need to create and quickly accomplish many beautiful and powerful things in your days!"



Regina Teino, co-founder of Tantsugeen.

Regina has been involved in various dance styles (ballroom dance, modern dance, show dance, classical, hip-hop, etc.) in various dance schools since she was a child. As befits an industrious Estonian, she started folk dancing very early in his hometown, then ballroom dance came as a natural continuation and then show dance at the ETV Dance Studio. Later, the dance journey continued while studying at the Estonian Dance Agency and working as a coach at the DanceAct Dance Studio until 2011, when Regina, together with her partner, founded TantsuGeen Dance Studio.   

"I'm a wife and a mother who takes everything life has to offer - I'm excited to see what it still has to offer. I love movement, dancing, exercise and PEOPLE, that is why I love gathering some kind of strange, simple characters around me.. These, our people, they help to shape a significant part of us and that's exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing where and how life and the people there help shape me! I love life - let's meet and enjoy!"



Information field and frequency therapist Liis Kuurme.

She has completed several relevant trainings and has continuously developed herself in this field. Trainings and self-development are continuous, and she personally sees that the "world" of TimeWaver is bottomless and infinite, and just as one learns to play a musical instrument for years and years, so does she! Liisi's calling is to be a guide, a companion and a helping hand for those who need help.


"For me, growing into a woman and being more and more connected and at one with my own nature is also related to beauty. Beauty is the love for one's spiritual home that belongs to authenticity and living a lively life. My respect for my own body has grown over the years, and so natural beauty has also become hidden with it. to come out. In my daily life and work, I also help other people to discover this beauty and authenticity in themselves in order to find inner satisfaction, happiness and love."



loomuliku ilu saadik

Holistic coach and make-up artist Kaia Valdmaa.

Kaia is an entrepreneur who works as a holistic coach, organizes women's circles, motherhood ceremonies and awareness events. She holds a bachelor's degree in marketing and advertising. In her “past life”, as she calls it, Kaia worked for a long time in the IT and financial sector. When another "burnout" loomed before her eyes, Kaia turned around and took a one-way ticket to Bali. She spent 1.5 years traveling and living and working abroad. Since then, mental health has been extremely important to Kaia. Which is why she has dedicated herself to creating and living a balanced life. In addition, Kaia has worked as a make-up artist for 13 years, helping to emphasize the beauty of women with natural cosmetics. Kaia's favorite moments in her work are when, after coaching, women's circles or make-up, that special glow lights up in a woman's eyes. How do they notice how beautiful and powerful they really are. 

"For me, natural beauty means inner connection and contentment with myself. For me, beauty is an energy that comes from within and radiates outward. When I'm connected to myself, at peace within, I feel beautiful. It has little to do with what I have whether it's on your back, your face, your head or your ear. At the end of the day, we're all naked under those clothes and make-up. The question is how do we treat the person who looks at us in the mirror every day. Do we give her time, let her rest enough, dance and play, inspire, love, or we whip her with a constant fast pace of life and judgments. The latter, for example, takes me beyond connection and beauty. That's why for me, beauty means a daily commitment to yourself and your inner world. So that peace can come in that can bloom outside."


looduskosmeetikaCertified Holistic Nutritionist & Women’s Health expert Miriam Gubovicova.

Miriam is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Women’s Health Specialist. She is a Founder of VivaHer; a holistic practice focused on helping clients live their best lives through proper nutrition, fertility support, environment control, hormone balancing, and more. Miriam also co-founded Whomesome, a company that helps people create healthy homes and offices. She strongly advocates living in a clean environment and believes that when it comes to health & wellbeing, what's around us matters way more than what we eat.

"Natural beauty to me is the one that is limitless in shape, form and colour. Natural beauty also means unconditional self-love and acceptance. It is a state of mind when we’re able to work with and appreciate what we have, not trying to look or be any other way and highlighting what makes us unique as individuals. It means being authentic and comes hand in hand with supporting brands with the same values, brands of toxin-free products that do no harm to animals, humans or the environment."

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