Natural cosmetics make your skin glow


Natural cosmetics' ingredients are all-natural and come straight from the earth. It contains no chemical additives and helps to maintain the skin's natural glow. It is critical to be aware of what is actually inside the products we consume daily in today's world.

Chemicals found in many beauty products can cause serious health issues. The skin is our largest organ and the fabric that covers our entire body, protecting us from all external threats. The skin is a wonderful mirror because it reflects the overall health of the body. It's impossible to examine one skin problem without considering the digestive system. 



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Nordic skin care

Because the skin is made up of layers and new cells form in the lowest layer, it is constantly renewed. They then move in layers away from the body, eventually reaching the upper layer. Collagen is essential for the structure of the skin because it keeps it elastic and wrinkle-free. The body can cope well with the renewal processes and maintain radiant skin by ensuring adequate moisture.

Our skin does not benefit from creams during the autumn-winter season because most of them contain water, and we live in a Nordic climate. The water, on the other hand, freezes when the temperature drops and melts when the temperature rises; this fluctuation can be harmful to the skin. You may recall my mother requesting that I use Nivea fat cream when it was still -25°C outside. I recall it being quite thick and greasy, but it did a fantastic job of protecting my skin. Our Nordic skin, for example, requires very different care than that of a Southerner.

Eating as much of what grows in your home country as possible is a recommendation for skincare, just as it is for food. Everything you make at home is the healthiest because it's made with fresh, local ingredients. Is it strange to think that substances are absorbed through the skin in the same way that they are in the stomach?


What should be kept in mind when purchasing natural cosmetics?

Have you ever tried to decipher the ingredients in a shampoo bottle or a tube of cream that you intend to use right away? The more suspect the product's composition, the more difficult it is to read and comprehend the label. Unfortunately, when it comes to skincare or cosmetics, we have a tendency to assume that the manufacturer has done all of the necessary research. It is simpler to abdicate responsibility.

In fact, the negative effects of small, long-term consumption are becoming a growing source of concern. Parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates, and other toxic substances, for example, may be present in the shampoo.

Natural cosmetics, on the other hand, do not contain chemicals, and essential oils are used to perfume instead of synthetic fragrances. Artificial fragrances have no value other than chemically sending a signal to your sense of smell, whereas essential oil is a concentrated plant with healing properties and supports your energy field.


What to notice on the packaging?

It's important to look for the label 95 percent-100 percent natural when reading the packaging. This range is required because some web-based products still require an additive to function. The amount of preservative used can be kept to a minimum, and certification in the field of natural cosmetics is unquestionably safe.

In reality, we should only put on our skin what we want to eat, because everything that comes into contact with our skin is quickly absorbed into our bloodstream.

The ingredient is referred to by its name (eg INCI - International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). If you're unsure about a word, look it up online to make sure it's safe. It's also worth noting that the ingredients are listed in descending order of weight at the time they're added to the recipe.


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Advantages of nordic natural cosmetics

Estonians are known as a witch nation because of their knowledge of plants. Estonians appear to be more susceptible to witchcraft than people from other countries. Medicinal plants have been a part of our lives for centuries, and 100 years ago, every Estonian knew a lot about them. In the grand scheme of things, we've reached the point where we won't even go to the blueberry because we're afraid of getting worm varnish in our mouths.

Plants can communicate with us if we let ourselves be heard. Every plant reaches a person at precisely the right time. Each of us is a component of a larger whole. The environment in which we live has an impact on us, and we, in turn, have an impact on the environment. In other words, in addition to having physical properties, the plant also has energy, which it will begin to deliver in your energy field. For example, iron grass represents willpower - the courage to follow one's own path. It's perfectly normal for some plants to be allergic to others. This is not the right time to learn about this plant.

The relationship between man and nature is fascinating. The center of our lives is constantly shifting. Physically, mentally, and energetically, a person can be in or out of balance. We are happy and full of energy, and our bodies work well when we feel good and balanced. Be able to self-sustain naturally.


Eesti looduskosmeetika


What should I avoid when buying cosmetics?

  • parabens (traces of parabens have been repeatedly found in breast tumor tissue)
  • propylene / polyethylene glycol (related to skin, liver and kidney damage)
  • Sodium lauryl / laureth sulphate (known to cause skin / eye irritation, organ toxicity, possible reproductive mutations and cancer)
  • Synthetic chemical fragrances (associated with asthma, migraines, rashes, depression)
  • phthalates (may cause hormonal abnormalities and reproductive defects)

 Estonia and around the world, there are already several natural cosmetics brands that can make the skin look and feel more youthful, nourished, and radiant. Make the right decision, and your skin will thank you!

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