Face yoga is a real way to reduce double chin (Mirja's experience)


Mirja is a 26-year-old woman who has completed the face yoga program. My life is quite hectic because I go to school and work at the same time. I frequently have to set my boundaries and calculate my own time, because if I don't, I'll end up working until midnight. I am a half-time mother because I have two Christians and a lovely kitty girl.




Why did I decide to join a face yoga course?

I've tried many times to find the right sport, but I've yet to find it. If these active activities aren't right for me for various health reasons, I've recently considered trying something more relaxing like yoga. I remember trying yoga when I was younger, but I was still in my "weird puberty" stage, where I wasn't used to my body, and stretching my buttocks towards the sky seemed strange to me, and I haven't tried it since. You could say that yoga brought back bad memories for me. However, now that I'm more familiar with my body and the positions don't seem so strange, I decided to go ahead and try it. At the same time, a face yoga course appeared to me as a divine gift. Okay, that wasn't exactly what I was thinking at first, but I justified purchasing the course by claiming that it's not that different from face yoga. Plus, it's even better if I can do something good for myself. I didn't stand to lose anything.






You could say I didn't have high expectations because I'm happy with my appearance and the wrinkles I do have are minor. I've always believed that wrinkles add character, and I'm well aware that it's a natural part of life that I can't change.

Of course, the best way to avoid aging is to avoid it altogether. During those four weeks, I didn't expect to see significant changes in my face. One change I was hoping to see was the disappearance of my double chin. My chin is very "weak," and my face is quite wide, so it doesn't look its best.


The first week of a face yoga course

The course was extremely well-structured, which surprised me. There was a lot of reading and interesting questions to consider at the start. Because my forehead did not move during the first exercise, I knew I didn't need a supportive hand. It was also amusing to do exercises for wrinkles that I didn't have, such as a frown line, but was encouraged to do so by my partner, who does. It was also fascinating to consider that I was teaching my muscles to move in a new way. The first exercise I noticed was a lip-building exercise. I didn't have Kylie Jenner's lips right away, but they were fuller than they were previously. Maybe it was something I only noticed myself, but it brightened my day nonetheless. It was also nice to realize that I had been doing face yoga without even realizing it.

I liked how there was a tutorial for rolling with a face roller at the start. Unfortunately, I didn't have a face roller at home, but I did have massage crystals, which were an excellent substitute. These stones used to bring me joy as well, but it was fun to use them in real life as well. After reviewing the course, I believe I am finally ready to purchase a face roller.

I had the impression that we were getting new exercises every day, but after the course, I discovered that we were getting the same exercises every day for a week. It seemed strange at first to exercise every day in front of a computer. Because the first week's exercises were simple for me, I completed them before going to bed without watching a video, which was inconvenient because I had to click on everything every time I wanted to start a new week.


Another week and frown line

The first exercise of the second week was to decrease the frown line. Oh, what a great exercise, I thought, because we had just trained this muscle to move differently the week before. It was also fantastic to participate in a smile-inducing activity. Because a smile is so important, I believe this is an exercise that everyone should do. People form their first impressions of you in the first 10 seconds of meeting you, and having a naturally light smile will only help you gain points.

I had already completed some exercises that were more difficult for me earlier this week. Exercise 11 required, for example, moving the lower eyelid. Oh, how I weighed, but by the end of the week, I was able to pull it off. There was also an exercise to smooth the lines around my mouth (Exercise 13) that I couldn't do properly because I was in pain. As a result, I skipped it and substituted an extra exercise from the first week.





Third week and cheek relaxation 


The third week went much more smoothly than the previous two, but it became clear that doing exercises in the evening was not a good idea for me, so I switched my face routine to the morning. In the morning, I had a good time with my  face oil and videos.

I really enjoyed the first exercise, which was an immediate cheek relaxation exercise. This week, I was especially pleased whenever Mai-Liis reminded me in the video to relax my shoulders. I also began stretching my neck more frequently, which has now become a daily habit for me. It's like getting a nice pat on the back.

I enjoyed watching the videos because I already knew what the exercise was for the second time, so I was able to complete the first set of exercises while Mai-Liis explained what was going to happen, the second round with her, and the third when Thinkific released the next video. In addition, when my boyfriend walked in and I was making a particularly silly face, I got a lot of laughs. We had a great spoon exercise during the third week, and we had a lot of fun doing it at home.

This week, I'll also find my two favorite exercises from the entire course: chin and forehead massage. These exercises are now something I look forward to almost every day.


Fourth week and continuity


The fourth week was, without a doubt, the most difficult for me. The exercises were difficult, and life was moving too quickly for me to keep up, so I took a slightly longer break and didn't do any exercises. I reminded myself that it didn't matter if I took a break; what mattered was that I maintained consistency, even if it wasn't as consistent as I had hoped. Life continues to go on.

It took me a few days to get the exercises right because they required coordination. I was unsure if I was still doing some of the exercises correctly, but the Facebook group confirmed my suspicions. It was also the first week that I felt my muscles were really strong after the workout and needed a little more time to relax. After the exercises, I continued to massage my face for a few minutes longer.


How satisfied am I with the face yoga course?


The course has pleasantly surprised me, and I am now considering enrolling in a yoga class. In addition, I have a lot of happy memories with my boyfriend now. In the course, I discovered a lot of unexpected things that made me a lot happier and significantly reduced my stress.

Constantly stretching my neck and creating a SPA ritual for myself has been a very positive experience. I used to just put a cream on my face every night, thinking it was good and nice for me, but now I can see the difference and have a completely different experience. This extra effort isn't difficult, but it feels great when I do facial yoga and feel the muscles in action.

I agree, as someone nice on our Facebook group mentioned, that doing face yoga on a bus, for example, is very nice if you have a mask in front of you. No one understands what you're doing. Okay, not all exercises can be done in between your daily activities, but a surprising number of them can. I encourage everyone to give it a shot.

The health challenges were something I didn't mention at all. Our face yoga Facebook group also has a variety of challenges, such as the "Celery Juice Challenge." I didn't participate because I thought it was too much for me. Mai-Liis also did weekly live videos, which I didn't participate in because they clashed with my schedule, but they were fun to watch later.


Face yoga result


My most serious issue was a double chin. It isn't very noticeable, but it was visible in the photos. I don't know if it's completely gone, but I believe it is. The shape of my chin contributes a lot to the double chin, even though I think my chin is a little wider. I believe that if I train properly, I will achieve the desired result, because, as Mai-Liis mentioned, some people will only see the desired results after three months, which is perfectly normal given our differences.

Lip enlargement, improved skin structure (especially when I cross my face with my fingers), tighter skin under the eyes, and lifted corners of my mouth were also noticeable.


näojooga     näojooga
  Before                                                             After




I would strongly advise everyone to take the "4-week face yoga online course: 10x younger without surgery." This, in my opinion, is an environmentally friendly and realistic way to prevent aging and repair insecure areas of the face. If you're unsure, do some internet research to see what the real results are. My double chin has shrunk, but I still need to practice to achieve the desired result.

The course's disadvantage is that it requires time every day, which can be difficult for some people. I discovered that I could complete all of the day's exercises in five minutes, so if you're already applying cream to your face in the evenings or mornings, five minutes isn't a long time to invest in yourself.

This course is for you if you want to make a big hug both mentally and physically. This course provided me with so much joy and great experience that I had not anticipated. Furthermore, I am accompanied on this course/journey by a large number of lovely women who are always supportive.

All the best!

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