Delicate and dry skin - how to care for it properly?

The fabric that covers your entire body is called skin. Its job is to keep it safe from all outside intruders. Dry skin is an excellent mirror because it reflects the overall health of the body. It's impossible to examine one skin problem without considering the digestive system. It makes no difference whether we're talking about acne or psoriasis.

The skin is constantly regenerating, and new cells are always present in the lowest layer. They then move in layers away from the body, eventually reaching the upper layer. Collagen is essential for the structure of the skin because it keeps it elastic and wrinkle-free. Elastin, which is responsible for maintaining elasticity, is another important substance. Keratin, the third important substance, is designed to protect the skin. Silicon is required for the production of collagen, elastin, and keratin by the body.

There's no need to dash to the store to stock up on different powders that the manufacturers recommend. It is very easy to look at your yard when you live in Estonia, or there is always an acquaintance who can go to the city to pick herbs if necessary. The horsetail is the most silicon-rich plant, and it's also in our Happik daily facial balm. Nettle and oatmeal are also hidden by a small amount of silicon.


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Dry skin and how to deal with it?

Moving forward, the skin has an acidic hydrolipid layer that protects against acidic microbes, so it's clear that skincare isn't just about what you put on your face, but also about what you eat. Rest, the right amount of water and fluid, exercise, and, of course, nutrition all contribute to a healthy body and tone. Because the skin regenerates completely in a month, your body should be supported daily.

Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin C (thorns of some evergreen fruits, rose hips, strawberries, tomatoes, and all fresh fruits and vegetables in general), silicon, and protein building blocks or amino acids should all be included in your diet. Nuts, seeds, and dark green leafy vegetables all contain amino acids. Dark green vegetables are particularly beneficial. It's impossible to have too many of them on the table. It should also be noted that even if we eat a completely healthy diet, it may be ineffective if our digestive system is unable to break down food and absorb nutrients. Bitter substances that help the digestive system work again are good helpers. Dandelion or burdock root, dandelion leaves, turmeric, and bitter-tasting green salads are just a few examples.

The regular cleansing of the body is also behind the beautiful, healthy skin. Dandelion, burdock, clover, and nettle are all stimulants of hepatic, lymphatic, and renal excretion. They provide the skin with essential nutrients while also cleansing the blood of unwanted impurities.


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During sleep, the body looks after the skin, repairs damage, and eliminates toxic compounds. Ensure that you get enough rest at night.

It's all too easy to give in to hunger and eat a lot outside, but your body will never thank you. Sugars, preservatives, and semi-finished products are all poisonous to the body. Perhaps it's time to focus on self-discipline and do everything you can to slow cell aging and maintain skin elasticity?! Eating is, after all, just another habit.


How to take care of delicate skin on the hands?

Hands and hand care are a very hot topic right now. Certain hand hygiene practices should be avoided because they can cause skin irritation. The skin dries out as a result of frequent washing and disinfection. Handwashing with soap and water before and after using alcohol-based products is not only unnecessary, but can also lead to dermatitis. Soap and water remove germs and dirt from the skin, but they also remove all of the beneficial oils that protect your skin. Washing your hands several times a day may initially result in dry skin, but over time, cracks or even wounds may develop. Bacteria are beneficial to the body when they enter through the skin. There appears to be a difficult battle going on.

Furthermore, if your hands are still wet from washing or alcohol, wearing rubber gloves increases the risk of skin irritation. We have the option of washing our hands with warm soap and water or using a variety of disinfectants, with a wide range of options. Do you prefer Estonian over other languages? Which brand should you go with? Which ingredients should be closely monitored? Regardless of which option you choose, make sure to read the product label and instructions carefully. Never get disinfectant in your eyes by accident.


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What habit dries the skin?

It is critical to wash properly and take preventative measures. Allow your hands to air dry after washing them for at least 20 seconds. Do not rub them vigorously in a towel. When moistened with the right aid, the moisture stays in the hands and the water stays in the skin. After you've cured your hands, apply a cream or ointment right away. Irritants like retinol, allergens, and fragrances should be avoided in hand creams. Your washing soap should be gentle, odorless, and, if possible, made with natural cosmetics. Hand creams are better than body lotions as moisturizers after washing, but ointments are the most advanced.

The reason for this is the product's high water content. As water evaporates from the skin, water-based products can cause the skin to become even drier. Water, on the other hand, is added to body lotion or cream to make it less greasy and absorb faster. Oil-based ointments take the lead here because they contain only good oils and oils, which deeply moisturize and do not dry out the skin. The absorption process is, of course, slower.

If you don't want the ointment to be greasy, apply it in the evening or even at night. Giving your skin a chance to recover at night is a great idea. Apply the ointment to your hands and, if possible, wear cotton gloves. It's preferable if you can sleep with gloves on all night, but a couple of hours will suffice. Dry skin will be a thing of the past! 



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