Curetik was literally the only thing that helped them with their eczema

Choose natural cosmetics, because pure and non-toxic is what nature loves. As science moves forward, we humans move towards creating our own world. A world where we don't have to follow the laws of nature and could only rely on chemicals and man-made things. Sounds like some sci-fi movie.

MaiWistik does not favor the artificial world and we are happy that our LIS people Ambassadors of Natural Beauty have united in promoting the message of supporting nature.

In November, we spoke with certified holistic nutritionist and women's health specialist Miriam Gubovicova. When talking to Miriam, her  warm and positive glow shines even through the writing.




1) Do you have a morning / evening routine that gives the day a boost or slows down the pace?

I have both morning and evening routines. Mornings are a bit easier to keep to be honest. In the evening, I often don't know how and it's 11:30pm... The first thing in the morning for me is to brush my teeth (I also use a tongue scraper) and then meditate for 20-30 minutes. Right after, I need to walk the doggie. On most days, we do it together with Andri :) Then I come home and make my decaf coffee with raw egg yolks, maple syrup, collagen and some fat. That really fills me up. I shower and make the bed. I really can't have a good day unless I make the bed :D It's strange, I know. 

In the evening, we usually go for a longer walk with the doggie around the neighborhood. And either before or after that, I try to use red light therapy. I must have a shower in the evening, or I won't sleep well.

2) What makes you happy?
My partner, our dog, family (well, most of them), spending time in nature, good food and my work.

3) How do you maintain balance in your daily routine?

I work from home most of the time. I realised that working from the office is very stressful for me and doesn't work. First of all, I don't like sitting behind the computer for too long. I need to move every 20mins or so. I don't know exactly, I never pay attention, but I get up quite often. At the office, there's just nothing to get up for. And when I'm working from home, I get all my housework done in between emails and calls and I'm not stressed about it. If I'm at the office the whole day and I come back, all the cleaning, laundry and cooking, etc. is still waiting for me. It's like coming to another job...




4) What do you appreciate the most about maintaining your health?

Eating balanced foods that are as pure as possible. Free of added chemicals, etc.

5) What do you keep in mind when choosing beauty products?

I read the ingredient labels. They need to be clean, but also smell good. I love the herbal smells, but cannot stand synthetic sweet fruity or flowery stuff.

6) What is your favorite MaiWistik product?

Unfortunately I don't have just one I love my Happik, lip balm and Female Force. Now I really like it too Freshik!


looduslik deodorant


7) Do you have a nice story to share with any of the products? What experience have you had, etc.?

Cupik proved to be super effective against insect bites this summer! But also, for example, my sister's baby and my boyfriend both had eczema or some kind of rash and Curetik was literally the only thing that helped them.

8) How is your relationship with nature?

I wish I could spend more time in nature, but I'm managing quite ok. I absolutely love the energy of the forest and go every time I get a chance. I always felt very connected and I can feel out of balance when I don't have access to nature for a longer time (which for me can mean a week).




9) What is your favorite season? Why?

Hmmm... I love them all. It's hard to choose. Winter for its snow and calmness. Spring for its blooms and chilly mornings and evenings. Summer for its sunshine (though I really don't like it when it gets too hot!) and Autumn for its golden colors.

10) Which herbal tea is your favorite?

I love lemon balm and red raspberry leaf :) But also nettle and mint. My house is like a tea shop!




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