BLOOMIK 2in1 body oil and massage oil 100ml

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Bloomik's herbal-based 2in1 body and massage oil is an excellent solution for achieving healthy and elastic skin. Its composition combines the power of red clover and yarrow to provide the skin with the necessary amount of nutrients and sufficient moisture. The oil has a light texture that makes the skin soft and makes body care a true pleasure.

In addition, this oil is ideal for massage, helping the muscles to relax and relieving tension and pain. Bloomik's body and massage oil is made from natural ingredients without any chemical additives, making it skin-friendly and perfect for sensitive skin. If you want to achieve radiant and healthy skin, Bloomik's plant-based body and massage oil is just what you need.


🌱 Herbal body and massage oil,
🌱 red clover restores and is anti-aging,
lady's mantle tones,
🌱 hemp oil relieves itching and dryness,
🌱 high-quality raw materials and botanical herbs,
🌱 100% natural and handmade.


You can read more about the reasons why oil is the best skin restorer from our blog.


BLOOMIK 2in1 body oil and massage oil is our only product made from hemp oil.

We proudly introduce Bloomik 2in1 body and massage oil, which is full of natural powers and aims to revive and tone your skin. Our powerful composition contains red clover, which has long been known in folk medicine for its regenerative and anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. The oil also contains lady's mantle, which is known for its ability to tone and heal the skin. This plant is also an energetic source of feminine power, helping to balance male and female energy.

Our oil is enhanced with grapefruit essential oil, which provides your skin with additional antibacterial protection and helps to refresh and relieve symptoms of acne and depression. And you know what's even better? Our hemp oil is unrefined, ensuring more antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E, which help you fight signs of skin aging.

Did you know that the hemp oil used in our product is produced in Estonia and won the Best Organic Product title in 2013? In addition, the oil is cold-pressed, meaning it contains more nutrients and antioxidants and naturally has a longer shelf life.

So, are you ready to give your skin a truly magical gift? Choose Bloomik 2in1 body and massage oil and allow yourself to enjoy the healing effects of its wonderful composition.

Ingredients/koostis(INCI): Cannabis Sativa Oil, Citrus Paradisi, *Limonene (*in essential oil), Alchemilla Vulgaris, Trifolium Pratense.

Quality raw materials and domestic herbs have been used in the production of the oil. It does not contain fragrances or preservatives. 100% natural product.



Throughout history, it has been important to find ways to use a product in a versatile way, and our body and massage oil Bloomik is just that! It is perfect for dry areas of the body as well as the face, and can also be used as a massage oil. But be careful if you plan to go out in the sun or have recently consumed strawberries, St. John's Wort, cow parsnip, or nettle. The skin may react to the sun and cause a rash.

If you really want to see and experience the wonderful effects of our body and massage oil, it should be used for at least three months in a row. The skin does renew quickly, but the three-fold epidermis circulation cycle takes time, allowing the oil's ingredients to effectively work and improve the health of the skin. We are confident that after prolonged use, you will feel the change in your skin and enjoy its smoothness and softness.



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