Brochure: Yoga break between sitting too much (PDF format)

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Stretching exercises come to the rescue! Lack of exercise and constant sitting is a big part of our everyday life that can cause a variety of health problems over a long period of time.

Constant sitting relaxes most of the body's muscles, including the muscles that support the heart and spine, leading to bodly changes. As the heart pumps blood to the whole body, too much relaxation can cause less oxygen to reach the brain and impair the ability to think clearly. It can also have a negative effect on toxins elimination, digestion and sleep.

Prolonged sitting throughout the day also affects the way we walk, our overall balance, and can make walking very difficult or even painful. A Harvard study confirms that those who sit more daily than move are more at risk of falling and injuring themselves. In addition, sitting causes lower back pain, stiffness in the knee joint and tension in the shoulder girdle.

Studies have confirmed that long and continuous sitting shortens life expectancy. The main problems caused by prolonged sitting are back pain and tension in the shoulder girdle. Read more Naistekast.


You can read more about the reasons why yoga is beneficial for everyone.



Take control and care for your health. Excessive sitting is the enemy of us all. In this PDF, you will find a total of 11 stretching exercises that you can perform both at home and in the office with the help of a chair. There is nothing complicated, because every position is also illustrated with the photo and everyone can do it.

Yoga gives you inner balance, the ability to control emotions and, of course, a toned body. It is healing just because it connects the body and the mind, or the body can do nothing when the mind is busy. Training provides the tools to deal with all aspects of pain and discomfort. Pain is a reminder of the need to find balance. Yoga helps to strengthen and relax the body.

Some people mistakenly think that they need to be young and flexible to start yoga. Feel free to start and try and you will soon notice how yoga practice can help you become softer, more flexible and open your mind.

Are you ready to take a break every hour for your own health? Get the blood moving and the tissues stretched! Believe me, your body is so grateful!

You can put a reminder on your calendar so you don't forget yourself! Consistency is the key to success, because change will certainly not happen overnight. To get started, you could try to exercise for at least 10 minutes a day for 3-4 months in a row. In case you would need more support then book a personal yoga class.