Yoga helps to get rid of pain

Do you have problems with your body or strange pain sensations?
Do you feel that there is no more flexibility?
Are you tired of constantly fighting stress?
Looking for time for yourself?


Yoga is a practice of both the body and mind that began about 5,000 years ago. In the West, yoga began to gain popularity in the late 19th century. Yoga is now widely known for its postures (asanas), but they were not at all a part of India's original yoga traditions. Physical training was not the goal there; instead, the focus was on developing spirituality through breathing and mind exercises (though, now, yoga does not require you to be religious).

The father of classical yoga is Patanjali, who wrote the famous Yoga Sutras. These are the scriptures that provide a framework for developing a mastery of the practice, as well as explaining how to possess the mind, control emotions, and develop spiritually. This is one of the most practical yoga texts that anyone can use in daily life.

Some people mistakenly think that they need to be young and flexible to start yoga, but that's like thinking that you should know how to dance before attending a dance class. Feel free to get started and try; you'll soon notice how practicing yoga can help you become softer and more flexible, with a more open mind.

Yoga gives you inner balance, the ability to control emotions and, of course, a toned body. One of the most important parts in training is to consciously stretch your spine. We do it too little during the day.

At the moment we notice the problem of mobility, it is a combination in which the agonist (the muscle that gives the main force to the movement) is weak and the antagonist (the agonist in the opposite muscle) is too tense. Tension in the body is his way of alerting us and asking for attention. Yoga helps to get rid of pain.




Office yoga is a popular form of exercise that involves practicing yoga in the workplace. It is a great way to incorporate physical activity into the workday and has many benefits for both the body and mind.

Office yoga helps reduce stress levels, promotes relaxation, and reduces tension in the body. Regular office yoga practice increases range of motion and joint mobility. Long periods of sitting at a desk can lead to poor posture and back pain. Office yoga helps improve posture by strengthening upper body muscles. Office yoga helps increase energy levels by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Yoga helps reduce pain in the neck, shoulders, and back, which can result from long periods of sitting or poor posture. Yoga promotes focus and concentration.


Yoga cards

You have yoga cards in front of you, which make it especially easy to do the exercises. There are 30 yoga cards in the pack with inspiring thoughts. The ideal way to practice is to take one card from the pack and place it in a visible place. A suitable place is, for example, a refrigerator, a computer desk, a bathroom closet - any place you walk by several times a day. The idea is that every time you walk past it, you do the exercise. Available in our e-store.



E-courses - practice at home

Health formula: body cleansing, creativity, presence is a 7 day e-course that will take you on a journey into yourself and bring positivity to your life through complete self - acceptance and a stepping out of your comfort zone. It is a journey into introspection and complete letting go.

Yoga private lesson, during which we will review all your questions, alignments of different positions and put together a yoga program that suits for you, which you can continue to practice successfully at home.

Yoga break (PDF) - In this PDF you will find a total of 11 stretching exercises that you can perform at home or in the office with the help of a chair. There is nothing complicated, because every position is also illustrated with the drawing and everyone can do it.


Regular yoga classes take place by appointment. If you wish to participate, write to